© Nancy Fouts

‘Artifact’ a solo exhibition by Nancy Fouts. 22/06/12

Pertwee Anderson and Gold – 15 Bateman St, Soho, London, W1D 3AQ


©Dominic Lee 2012

©Dominic Lee

‘Chicken Pox Soup’ originally shot Dominic Lee 2009, re-edited 2012, music by Sam Fendrich 2012.


©Dominic Lee 2012

The consequence of clean windows, France 2011 by Dominic Lee.

NANCY FOUTS Pertwee, Anderson & Gold from SAM HUNTLEY on Vimeo.

Short film on Nancy Fouts by Sam Huntley.

Director & Editor: Sam Huntley
Colourist: Ben Rogers / Glassworks
Online Editor: Chris Dart

©Dominic Lee

‘time to get a job’ a clip from ‘my big table’ Dominic Lee 2009, music by Sam Fendrich 2011.

animation was shot in 2009 but recently Sam was kind enough to do the music in 2011, thanks Sam.


©Dominic Lee 2011

©Dominic Lee

Music video for Rubicks‘ song ‘Wonderland’
by Dominic Lee 2011, driving Chiara Meattelli.

©Dominic Lee

Music video for Rubicks‘ song ‘Jungle of You’
by Dominic Lee with loads of help from Marty, Jess Thomas, Chiara Meattelli, Mike Jones, and Nancy Fouts.


©Dominic Lee